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Meet Us Gege Team

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Dear Moms & Dads,
Welcome to parenthood! This is going to be the best experience ever, but… it’s also going to get quite hardcore. The mess, the sleep-deprivation, and, of course – the never-ending poop. That’s where we come in!

A unique concept of diaper subscription service

No time for shower – again? Just had your first coffee at 5pm? And then comes the moment of truth – the very last diaper in use. Again… We know. Have been there. This is why we created GEGE subscription service. Push the button once and forget about diapers forever. You see? We got you covered!

About us or real parenting story

GEGE is created by real parents who knows that here is no such thing as perfect parenting and shit happens. Every day. Which is a good thing actually. The question is how we deal with it. Of course – we have been there… And honestly, some of us got there once again. As parents ourselves we surely know that small thing like diapers can make a big difference. Like give some precious time for yourself! Maybe you can even find a moment for a perfect selfie… Kidding. Perfect parents live only in Instagram. We are no perfect. We are real. Like you.

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