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Forget about the diapers.
We've got you covered

Forget about the diapers.
We've got you covered

There are things in parent life far more important to worry about than diapers, right? So get a regular, customized diaper delivery to your doorstep by our genius subscription service and forget about them. Forever.
55.00 EUR / month
Subscription box is made of 4 bags for 13.75 Euro per each bag
Free delivery
Always 10% discount
on all products
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How does it work? Your game, your rules:

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Choose product: DIAPERS or

PANTS. Select size and delivery


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in the 55 € monthly subscription.

Cancel anytime

In your GEGE account you can

easily cancel up to 5 days before

the next delivery or skip to change

the date.

Here's the deal

Let's cut the bullshit. We know that by using our diapers your parenting skills won't magically go to some hyper expert level solving all your parent problems like making the baby cook his own dinner or sleep through the night (though, a dry bum could help). But we believe that subscribing to GEGE will get one worry off your list. And that's a good start, right?

What parents say


I am very pleasantly surprised, I had never heard of these diapers before! 😊 But the quality is great 💯, odorless, no allergic reactions, I am very satisfied! + another customer for you! 💋


Very tasteful and baby-friendly diapers


Super Stylish diapers for baby! Most importantly - odorless, very soft, well absorbed, with a creative and interesting design ❤️🚀 We at GeGe

What's in the box

All monthly deliveries include 4 packs of premium Diapers or Pants, made to keep your baby dry and happy.

Dermatologically tested
Extreme absorption
Free from nasties
Super light & breathable