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Get to know our products and subscription service - starting with one bag!

Get to know our products and subscription service - starting with one bag!

This will be your ultimate diaper dream. GEGE DIAPERS are so absorbent and the hyper-soft layers protect your baby’s skin and, of course, they’re dermatologically tested. Not to mention cool designs!

13.75 EUR
Try out 1 bag of our product for a week. It comes with an automatic transition to the subscription of 4 bags, which can be canceled at any time.
  • Delivery 3 -5 business days
  • 10% Monthly subscription saving


GEGE diapers are made out of materials that have PEFC certification (i.e., cellulose materials from responsibly managed and controlled forests). One of the basic materials for absorption is wool, which is made of wood and is also PEFC certified.

Made from - Super absorbent (SAP), polyethylene, fluff, non-wowen material.

All products are Free from - elemental chlorine, O% PEG Emulisfier, O% perfume, O% lotion, heavy metals, latex and natural rubber!


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Extreme absorbency - up to 12 h
  • Cotton Enhanced
  • Leak proof
  • Flexible on every move
  • Light and ultra soft
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for sensitive

How does it work? Your game, your rules:

Place order

Try out 1 bag of our extremely absorbent & sensitive skin-friendly diapers for a special price.

Get diapers

After the trial period ends (10 days) you will be enrolled in a monthly subscription of 4 bags for 55 euros, which can be canceled at any time.

Cancel anytime

You can easily cancel your trial or monthly subscription in your GEGE account. Pay when your monthly order ships.

What parents say

What makes the product especially appealing is not only the well-thought-out design, but also the brand's philosophy - to be a support for new parents, while they are adapting to new roles of mum and dad.


A creator of a platform for parents

GEGE diapers are great discovery. With two children, we have gained some experience with different diaper brands. GEGE offers a high-end product that is thin and super absorbing (protects all night long), and even major disasters are not to be missed. We have been using them for some time and are truly satisfied.


A representative of Foundation for Fathers

I always try to support local entrepreneurs who are not afraid to compete with global brands. GEGE diapers pleasantly surprised me not only with their quality, but also with their design. The possibility to color them was enjoyed by the wearer Albertine and her older sister as well.


Head of the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility