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95% of parents would recommend our diapers*

*Based on customer survey data. Our product was tested by 70 parents in the Baltics in 2020.

Noora Mensio:
I really like diapers. Soft, absorbent and just right. There is no need to change the diaper at night.
Berit Pendis:
The diapers are very very good with very funny design (such as Mr Poo and Mrs Pee).
Kairi Vok:
I just wanted to say that the pants were perfect. No leakage during the testing period.
Pille Lyys:
Thank you for the diapers! They are very good. We are satisfied.
Ksenija Stefanova:
Diapers do not contain chemicals that could harm a baby's skin!
Aivis Ceriņš:
Although we are 100% convinced of the quality of the product, GEGE offers a money back guarantee, which is important when trying a new product.
Linda Zeimule:
Really great diapers. Thank you for your contribution to the range of quality children's products.
Dace Cinava:
I liked diapers, they are soft and it is important to me that they are not synthetic.
Ingemārs Dzenis:
Both we and (most likely) the boy like diapers. Of all the organic diapers, GEGE is the best for us.
Krista Pētersone:
I give 5 stars to the absorbency of diapers!
Try our skin-friendly diapers now! Free sample package contains 7 items.
It comes with an automatic transition to the subscription of 43.80 EUR per month, it can be canceled or changed at any time.
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  • Automatic transition to the diaper subscription, which can be cancelled at any time
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Key things you should know about our products:

0% nasties
Dermatologically tested
Oeko-Tex certified
Super absorbent
Smooth as a baby's butt and light as feather
Produced in world class factories in EU