Moonie is an ultimate baby sleep aid and a night light. The sounds of MOONIE humming are real recordings of natural pink noise, that allow the child to calm down and feel safe, with already well-known sounds.
Gentle light allows you to feed and change your baby without turning on the overhead light. Moonie has a Smart Cry Detector that is designed for moments when your child suddenly wakes up. As soon as your child starts to stir, the Smart Cry Detector triggers a safe, natural, pink noise soothing your child ensuring they return to a restful sleep.

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Moonie Organic Humming Bear

Moonie is a professional baby sleep aid with a night lamp.

5 natural soothing sounds

Organic cotton certified

Night lamp

Smart cry detector

USB rechargeable

Moonie’s natural sounds: Womb, wind, forest stream, rain, sea waves, lullaby.

All the sounds used in Moonie’s audio module are 100% real pink noise and not computer generated. The heartbeat is a real recording of a hum heard inside mom’s belly, the sea waves are of the Baltic Sea and the forest strea, is a recording from the Tatra Mountains.

Intelligent cry detector

The intelligent cry sensor recognizes the baby’s crying and turns it on automatically.

Night lamp in Moonie’s belly

Moonie’s shining belly enables the night care of a baby without additional lightning. Moonie’s night lamp is perfect for older children who often have nightmares and are afraid of the dark. You can then turn on the lamp only and leave it on for the whole night. Moonie night lamp shines with natural warm light, but also has 7 shades of light to choose from. The LED lamp does not heat up, it is completely safe.

USB charging

Moonie comes with an already-charged module and can be used right out of the box. The Moonie module takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge. A fully charged battery lasts up to 8 hours of continuous operation with the light and sound switched on.

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