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Pants Size Chart

Pants Size Chart

Pants Size Chart

Pants Size Chart
  • 1 Ultimate Comfort Pants

      • Pants composition is similar to diapers, where the only difference is in their closing – pants have an elastic waistband. A perfect choice for active babies!
      • Pants core is composed of absorbing materials – a mixture of fluffy pulp (cellulose fiber from wood) and super – absorbent polymers SAP (polyacrylate).
    • This ensures that the liquid is locked in and the baby’s skin remains dry.
  • 2Acquisition Layer

    • A non-woven or cellulose layer quickly distributes the liquid across the surface of the diaper’s core for even absorption.
    • Anatomically suitable for both boys and girls to ensure comfy sleep at night up to 12h without leakages.
  • 3Elastic waistbands

    • GEGE pants can be put on and taken off easily. They have an elastic band sewn in instead of a Velcro fastener.
    • When changing the diaper you can either pull it back down or tear the straps sideways and remove them from the skin with a slight curling motion.
  • 4 Soft Outer Layer

    • Breathable and leakproof
    • Soft touch feeling
    • Outstanding colorable designs to encourage baby’s creativity
  • 5 Skin Friendly Inner Layer

    • Dermatologically proven skin compatibility
    • Oeko-Tex certified for extra safety for delicate baby’s skin Elemental chlorine free
    • No-lead or heavy metal in our ink
    • Free of natural rubber
    • 0% PEG-Emulsifier
    • 0% Perfume
    • 0% Lotion
  • 6 Anti-Leak Leg Cuffs

    • Elastic material around the legs ensures comfortable fit and protects against leakage.
    • Always pull out elastic raffles when the diaper is on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Mazuļa 🍑 būs Jums pateicīgs

Ērti lietojasmas, nav nekādu pievienoto smaržvielu. Perfekti pirlda savu funkciju un nav nācies, nekad vilties.

Always back to gege!

Gege diapers and pants are my favorite ever! Breathable, thin, no nasty chemicals, never any leaks and with cool design! I’d say the best diapers and pants I’ve ever tried!
And you definitely have to try this coffee they have!

Linda Andersone
Labākās no visiem pamperiem

Vieglas, nespiež, maigas un ērtas - un galvenais satur visu, kas paredzēts noturēt un nekādas noplūdes 👏🏼 paldies!

Vienkārši un labi

Kopš pārgājām uz GeGe pants, vairs neko citu nemēģinam. Kvalitāte ļoti laba un cena adekvāta. 👍🏻

Gege püksmähkmed

Parimad püksmähkmed!


It depends on the weight and size of your child, but also on the size in which your baby feels most comfortable. A rule of thumb states that there should always be about 2 fingers between the waistband and the tummy. In this way, you make sure that your baby has enough space even when there is gas. When a diaper fits well, it should appear straight and equally proportioned on your baby.
If the diaper slips, you should try a size smaller.
If the diaper fits tightly (your baby has red marks along their thighs) and moisture leaks out, it could be that the diaper is too small.

Compared to our GEGE diapers, our pants have an elastic diaper waistband, which ensures an ideal hold even for very active babies and enables a quick and easy diaper change.
Both diaper types are designed to meet the comfort and absorbency required by your baby, and both products are designed for overnight use. As soon as your baby starts wriggling or rolling over to get away from you during diaper changes, pants are the way to go.

The first and most important thing for us is to have products that are safe for the baby’s skin and don’t compromise on product quality. Our products are safe for the baby’s skin and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They are dermatologically tested and “Oeko-Tex” certified. This is done by a very careful selection of material suppliers and the production processes.

No, unfortunately, once your order has been shipped, we can’t change it. Please return your order back to us (for more information see shipping and Returns) and place a new order with the right size.

We deliver between 1-4 business days. 93% of all orders are delivered the next day.

Like most other disposable diapers, our diapers are not biodegradable. We also try to combine our high demands on the skin-friendliness of our products as well as possible with the protection of our environment. However, where it would impair performance and skin-friendliness, we use materials that are not biodegradable, so that the absorbency and skin-friendliness of our diapers always remain at a high level.

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