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In this Privacy Policy any use of the word “you”, “your” or similar refers to any visitor of website (hereafter – Website). Such concepts as “we”, “our” or similar refers to GeBerry SIA.


Cookies are small text files, which are embedded in on your computer’s hard drive through your browser. They are often used as a mechanism for websites to memorize useful information, such as your login information, and to facilitate convenience of surfing through the website. Our cookies cannot identify you personally.


Several types of cookies are used on the website for various purposes:

• Essential cookies: The cookies are used to ensure operation of the Website, inter alia, to allow you to use our services and to connect to your account. These cookies are used based on our legitimate interest to ensure operation of the Website and provide services to you. The essential cookies are stored until you close your browser, i.e., until the end of the session.

• Analytical/performance cookies: The cookies allow us to recognize and quantify the number of visitors of the Website and see how these visitors navigate the Website. The legal grounds for use of these cookies are our legitimate interest to improve performance of our Website, for example, by ensuring a search option. The analytical/performance cookies are stored on your device permanently.

• Functional cookies: The cookies allow the Website to remember the settings you selected and your preferences that facilitate more convenient use of the Website, for example, if you wish to remain logged in on the Website. These cookies are used based on our legitimate interest to ensure, improve and make the use of the Website more convenient. The functional cookies are stored on your device permanently.

• Targeting/advertising cookies: The cookies are used to record your visit to the Website, the websites and links you have used, for the purpose to offer and render our or our business partners’ products and services according to your interests. These cookies are used based on your consent. By visiting the Website and using the services provided by us you agree that the targeting/advertising cookies are used. The targeting/advertising cookies will be stored until you delete cookies from your browser.

The cookies are processed and received by us and our business partners who ensure operation of the Website, compile and analyse your activities on the Website. Cookie information is not transferred outside the European Union and EEA.


If you wish to restrict, block or erase the cookies, such option is ensured upon changing settings of the browser you use. You cannot opt-out of use of the essential and functional cookies, because without them it is not possible to ensure the functionality of the Website. You cannot opt-out of use of the analytical cookies either because they are necessary for us to improve the performance of the Website.

We use the services of Google Analytics. You can opt-out from the use thereof by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on tool.

For further information about cookies and inquiries as to how to manage them please read



We have a right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy at any time by posting them on the Website. Any version of the Privacy Policy posted on the Website shall replace all previous versions of the Privacy Policy and shall come into effect immediately after posting.


If you have any queries, comments or requests concerning the Privacy Policy, please contact us by writing to

Upon registering you confirm that you are informed that:

1. The data you provide will be processed for the following purposes:

1.1. to create and maintain your account in order to conclude a Distance agreement with SIA GeBerry and obtain other related services, including notifications related to the performance of the Distance agreement;

1.2. to compile and retain your purchase history, inter alia, in order to improve the services and products we provide;

1.3. to retain evidence of the concluded Distance agreement;

2. Your personal data will be processed by us and our business partners, who provide delivery services, IT structures, and payment platforms;

3. You have a right to make rectifications to the entered personal data or request deletion of your account at any time;

4. Your personal data will be processed until you delete your account, or the storage period set out by the laws expires, or statute of limitations for bringing an action in court lapses;

5. Failing to provide all information specified in the registration form will prevent you from creating the account and concluding the Distance agreement through it.

Upon registration, you confirm that the entered personal data is true and accurate.

Additional information is available in the Terms and Conditions.

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