Subscription always wins! – Free shipping costs to home or pick up points. For single purchases
please find delivery pricing below.

Costs for other countries to PICK-UP locations:
Baltic countries:
LV: single purchases 2.90 EUR, subscription – free
EE, LT: single purchases 3.90 EUR, subscription – free
Finland: single purchases to parcel machine - not available, subscription – free
Sweden: single purchases to parcel machine - not available, subscription – free
Denmark: single purchases to parcel machine - not available, subscription – free
Germany: single purchases to parcel machine - not available, subscription – free

Costs for other countries to HOME DELIVERY:
Baltic countries:
LV: single purchases 4.90 EUR, subscription – free
EE, LT: single purchases 5.90 EUR, subscription – free
Finland: single purchases 6.90 EUR, subscription – free
Sweden: single purchases 6.90 EUR, subscription – free
Denmark: single purchases 6.90 EUR, subscription – free
Germany: single purchases 6.90 EUR, subscription – free

If your bag amount for regular orders exceeds more than 4 bags, you can be charged for additional cost for the pick-up cabinet.

Today we ship to following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden.
If you would like to deliver to other countries, please contact us on to specify
delivery options and price.

Delivery time is between 1 – 3 business days. During really busy periods like sales, we may take
up to 5 days for some orders due to the high volumes.

There can be additional duties and taxes applied upon receipt of your shipment. These duties
and taxes are to be paid by the recipient. GEGE is not required to inform customers of such
additional costs and is not required to refund such costs to customer.

Returns should be made within 14 days after delivery of your shipment. The product should
have to be in intact and unopened or contain at least 90% of unused diapers before return.
We will usually refund your order within 14 days of receiving return goods in our warehouse
but please note, that it might take longer for refund to appear in your account as transfers
between payment systems might take a longer time.

Please send returned items via DPD Locker by using the information that you have received from DPD. If you need any assistance please contact DPD Customer Service Department by phone: 67 387 284 or e-mail

In case of returns from Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Germany, please contact our support service:

If you received damaged products, please contact us by e-mail:

If you have any questions regarding shipping or returns, please contact our Customer service

Modern relationships (2/2 article)

Time to take a deeper look into the dynamics between a couple when a baby becomes a central figure in their lives. You might have come across information on this topic before, but if you're reading this article, chances are you're seeking assistance, support, or sensing the impending changes. This article aims to provide insights into what might be happening in your relationship, offering valuable support as you navigate through this transformative period.

Modern relationships (1/2 article)

The reasons people seek consultations may vary, but about 90% of the time, they revolve around issues within partner relationships. And it's no wonder! Building a healthy partnership, navigating life's changes, facing challenges together as a team, and sustaining the relationship afterward is undeniably tough. In the past, people rarely lived together as long as they do today. Modern life expectancy has significantly increased compared to our ancestors just three generations ago.


In our previous blog post, we explored the challenges of parental stress and its origins. Being a parent is undeniably a significant responsibility, demanding extensive resources such as time, care, consideration, resilience, and focus. To ensure a parent can effectively navigate their roles without experiencing burnout, it's crucial to prioritize the well-being of their internal resources—both mental and physical. This subject has gained considerable attention lately, with discussions, articles, and narratives shedding light on its importance.


To kick off this first blog post, let's dive into a topic that's not only serious but also crucial for all parents. It's safe to say that parenting stress is a universal experience; I can't think of anyone who hasn't encountered it at some point in their lives. While the term may be relatively new, its presence has roots that extend far beyond our immediate awareness. Let's unravel the essence of parental stress and understand its origins. The ultimate aim is to collectively draw insights on ways to navigate this complex issue and prioritize self-care.