Genius baby diaper subscription service
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Never ever run out of diapers again

There are things in parent life far more important to worry about than diapers, right?
So finally we have genius diaper service with customized delivery to your doorstep so you can forget about shortages. Forever.

Start membership Includes always free delivery

Diapers and Pants that never let you down

Dermatologically tested
Extreme absorption
Free from bla bla bla
Super light & breathable

We all know the truth - perfect parents exist only on Instagram. Because raising a kid is a crazy roller coaster ride full of difficulties, pure joy, hard choices, tears and laughs, heart melting love and … well, shit. We know that, because we have been there.

So we created GEGE - simply really good diapers, made to cover everything you could possibly want from a diaper and make your life as a parent easier.

F*#$ being perfect! Welcome to the real parent club!

A stress-free solution designed to ease parenting mess

Let's be honest - parenting can get hardcore.

We do not pretend that diapers will solve all your problems. But having them always at hand will help.

So do yourself a favour - hit that subscribe button and forget about missing diapers forever.

Your favourite products delivered for FREE

No more tiring supermarket shopping. All subscribers get free diaper delivery - choose to pick up at a convenient pick-up point or home delivery.

Financially smart choice

Every diaper delivery is 20% off regular price. Why spend when you can save?

Flexible, precise and personalized subscription

Choose delivery times and frequency. Set-up your desired payment method. Switch between diapers or pants and change sizes.

No strings attached - cancel anytime

Every subscription is possible to cancel up to 5 days before the next diaper delivery, with no cancellation fees or extra charge.

Real parent testimonials


I am very pleasantly surprised, I had never heard of these diapers before! 😊 But the quality is great 💯, odorless, no allergic reactions, I am very satisfied! + another customer for you! 💋


Very tasteful and baby-friendly diapers


Super Stylish diapers for baby! Most importantly - odorless, very soft, well absorbed, with a creative and interesting design ❤️🚀 We at GeGe

Love for your baby and Mother Earth

We have zero tolerance for nasty chemicals! Babies should stay pure and clean as they are. So no harmful materials have been used in creating GEGE diapers. All products have an OEKO TEX certificate. Needless to say that they are also Dermatollogically tested and approved. Also GEGE diapers are made of materials that come from responsibly managed and controlled forests (PEFC certification). Long live Mother Nature.